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We have tons of experience in this field and our qualified and trained workforce carries out the task at the premises of a client with great efficiency. Whether it is cutting down very large trees or pruning branches over power lines, you can expect the work to be done in the most professional manner. We provide instant, no obligations quotes to our clients.

Our experts make sure that the natural beauty of your property remains unaffected while ensuring the safety of the structures. We also ensure safety of all structural features inside your property.

Services offered

  • Tree removal (all kinds of trees)
  • Removal and cutting of stump
  • Trimming and cutting of trees
  • Certified and qualified arborist
  • Tree healthcare by a tree doctor
  • Cabling and bracing of trees
  • Pruning of trees
  • Free quotes
Efficient and affordable tree service in Sarasota

Trimming and pruning of trees

Trimming and pruning is one of the most common tree service Sarasota. Periodic trimming and pruning of trees is necessary not just from the point of view of aesthetics but also for the health and safety reasons. Health of a tree is reflected in its appearance. Our employees can tell whether your trees need trimming or pruning by simply taking a close look at them.

You can carry out trimming and pruning of your trees yourself. However, it is advisable to hire services of experts that follow ISA recommendations for trimming and pruning. These experts not only have the required tools but also the skills and the experience that is needed to carry out trimming and pruning according to the standards of International Society of Arboriculture. It is possible to damage the overall health as well as appearance of a tree if you do not know the basics of pruning. Our experienced staff knows how to keep your trees happy and healthy while carrying out their trimming and pruning. Here are some reasons why tree pruning becomes necessary.

  • Tree starts leaning in one direction
  • Risk of accidents because of weak or dead branches
  • Branches run overpower lines or roofs
  • To assist fruit or flower production
  • To give the tree a more beautiful appearance
  • To save a tree that is damaged by a storm
Removal and land clearing

Removal and land clearing

It becomes necessary at times to remove the trees and clear the lot at the property of a client. It usually involves removal of stumps, shrubs, and dead or decaying organic matter. Removal and land clearing become because of these reasons.

  • Growth that is dead or decaying
  • Growth that can cause personal injury or damage to property
  • Growth that creates obstruction
  • Growth that is causing the problem of pests
  • Haphazard growth that leaves little space for new plants

At Affordable Tree Service Sarasota, we offer highly professional removal and land clearing services to our customers. We consider removal as last resort technique and try to save the trees as far as possible.

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Tree planting and transplanting

Planting of trees is both a science as well as an art. If new trees are not planted systematically, their growth can be adversely affected. At Affordable Tree Service Sarasota, we have a team of skilled and experienced arborists who know everything about planting and transplanting of trees and shrubs. Taking a tree or shrub out and planting it elsewhere requires knowledge about their root system as they can be damaged because of mishandling and heavy force with which they are planted again. Our experts carry out tree and shrub planting and transplanting with total care to make sure there is no damage to the roots.

Tree planting
Tree planting and transplanting

In Sarasota, there are rules regarding what and where you can plant trees. Also, clearance from 811 is necessary to avoid underground power lines. Our experts have full knowledge of zoning laws and they carry out planting of trees in a smooth and hassle-free manner. They ensure best locations for trees and shrubs where they get enough sunlight and air for proper growth. They keep in mind all variables that can have an impact on the health of tree and shrubs during planting and transplanting. They choose the best location for trees so that they can grow and thrive as healthy trees.

Our work does not end with planting of trees. We know that many trees and shrubs need periodic maintenance to keep them healthy and growing. Affordable Tree Service Sarasota provides full care to the planted trees and sees to it that do not suffer on account of improper soil conditions or inefficient watering. We carry out mulching to make the soil conditions optimal for the growth of trees. Transplanted tree often needs fertilizers to survive and grow and we offer all help and assistance to the client in ensuring their health. We also provide services to keep insects away from your trees.

Tree replanting

Bracing and cabling

Bracing and cabling

Bracing and cabling are two methods of providing support to trees that are experiencing growth in a haphazard manner. If tree branches are growing in such a manner that they pose a risk of damage to the property or personal injury, bracing and cabling methods can be applied to protect the integrity of the tree. They also prevent the danger posed to structures and human beings. Bracing is a technique that requires specialized equipment and skills. At Affordable Tree Service Sarasota, we have professionals who can carry out bracing at your property according to ISA rules. Support systems used for bracing and cabling need to be removed or replaced after some time. Our experts deploy and remove bracing and cabling with efficiency without causing any damage to the health of trees.

Demossing of trees

This is another service that is required by customers in Sarasota. Trees in Sarasota can be found covered with Spanish moss. Bald cypress and live oak are trees that are often affected by this Spanish moss. Many customers get rid of moss on their own, but they inadvertently eliminate important foliage while carrying out demossing. Tree demossing is an important tree service provided by Affordable Tree Service Sarasota to its clients.

We have experienced arborists who know how to carry out demossing in a professional manner so that there is no damage to the existing foliage of the tree. Abrupt demossing can cause loss of foliage that is essential for the health of the tree. To keep the foliage intact, it is better to leave some part of Spanish moss during demossing. Therefore, our experts leave some part of moss while remove rest of it from the foliage of the tree.

Some companies remove Spanish moss through sodium bicarbonate spray. However, our employees carefully remove the moss with their hands because spraying sodium bicarbonate causes death of moss. It can also expose dead wood if pruning has not been carried out in a professional manner. Our experts can tell if the moss is severe and needs to be removed or if it can be left on the tree without harming the health of the tree for some time. Removing the moss on a DOY basis or with the help of an amateur can result in loss of up to 60% of the foliage. Therefore, it is advisable for the owner to call in experts to carry out demossing in a professional manner. You can get instant quote for the job of demossing by calling Affordable Tree Service Sarasota.

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Health evaluation of your trees and their risk assessment done by our experts

Health evaluation of your trees

If you are concerned about the health of your trees, you can easily get their health evaluation done by our certified and experienced arborists. The health report card prepared by our arborist contains information on many important parameters. Some of these parameters are as follows.

  • Health card along with the profile of the species
  • Factors creating load such as wind exposure, branches, size and density of crown, and so on
  • Structural features that run the risk of damage because of the tree
  • Diseases and their cure along with prevention
  • Soil condition, wind condition, weather conditions impacting the health of tree

Among all tree services in Sarasota, Affordable Tree Service enjoys highest customer satisfaction. We are totally licensed and insured tree service in Sarasota that provides highest quality professional tree removal, trimming, pruning, removal, and care services to our clients. Client satisfaction is our motto and we leave no stone unturned in making sure that the job that we are entrusted with is completed efficiently in quick time. Call us today to get high quality tree services from us at the most affordable prices. You can count on us to provide smooth and hassle-free tree service with safety of your property as our top most priority.

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