Are you looking for Tree Removal? Do you want a tree removed from your property? Trees are such useful assets of our society that no one is interested in removing them. But there are times when the homeowner is left with no option but to go for their removal. Trees are a source of beauty and shade for the owners, but they also need a lot of maintenance. Some branches become too long and start to threaten the safety of the roof or the walls of the property. In some cases, tree removal and land clearing is the only option to safeguard the property. Affordable Tree Service Sarasota is the leading tree service in Sarasota and its surrounding cities in Florida.

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At Affordable Tree Service, we are passionate about trees and conservation of environment. Therefore, we try various other options before taking up removal of a tree. If the trunk of the tree has been damaged severely, removal and land clearing is the best option. However, if we find that only a part of the trunk is damaged, we try to preserve the tree by cutting off the damaged part. A tree can be restored to full health if only 25% of its circumference has been damaged. We have a team of arborists having full knowledge about all species of trees and shrubs found in Sarasota. They can find ways to save your tree.

If there are dead branches in the tree, our arborists know how to trim them off and save the tree. If there are any wounds or insect infestation, professional trimming helps in preventing the spread of the disease. Before deciding to get rid of the tree in your property, it is advisable to call in our experts and allow them to see if there are any ways of preserving the tree or not.

Tree removal is both a science as well as art and we use all the experience gained in this field to carry out removal and lot clearing in the most efficient manner as possible. If you have a tree in your property whose branches have become long and you fear damage to your home, it is prudent to call a reliable and experienced tree removal service Sarasota, Florida to carry out its removal.

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Call in experts to decide on tree removal

As the owner of the property, you will always find it difficult to decide whether to keep a tree or go for its removal. This is because of your lack of knowledge about the ways in which trees can be saved. Here is some information about trees that can help in you in taking the right decision.

If the tree seems to have dried up, it is not always necessary to cut and remove it. If you find it that there is no danger caused to your property because of this tree, it is better to let it die a natural death rather than cutting it. Dying trees are good for the environment as birds often use them for nesting and even come on them in search of food. Wildlife in Florida benefits from drying and dying trees. If there is no imminent danger to your property form the dying tree, our arborists recommend property owners to leave them and not ask for their removal.

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Assess the health of the tree when deciding whether to cut it or not. If you find that more than half of the tree has been damaged, it is a good idea to get rid of such a tree. You can think in terms of saving the tree if the extent of damage is less than 50%. If you see wounds or signs of infestation in the trunk of the tree, it is better to seek professional advice. And only then decide to cut the tree. If this damage is severe and you see old wounds reflecting internal decay, tree removal is often the only option left for you. But if there is any other measure that can save the tree, you should try it on the advice of a qualified arborist.

There is another way of assessing the extent of damage to the health of a tree. You can tell whether the tree has chances of survival or not by looking at its branches and roots. If these branches are less than 25% damaged and roots are less than 50% damaged, the tree can be restored back to health. However, it is not easy for a common man to make a correct assessment about the health of a tree by looking at the branches and roots. It takes a trained and experienced arborist from a professional tree service to make this assessment for you. Such a professional has the knowledge about many other things that he can use to confirm whether tree removal is the best option for the property owner.

If the dying or dead tree is a potential risk for other live trees in its vicinity, it is a good step to call in experts from a reliable and popular tree removal service in Sarasota, Florida to give their advice. If the roots of the tree are getting close to underground utility lines and its branches touching the overhead hanging power lines, it is better to get it removed from your property.

Tree removal is a difficult task that should be handled by professionals only. If you do not know how to choose the best company for tree removal, here is a checklist to follow.

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  • The tree service should have a valid license to carry out tree removal in Sarasota.
  • The employees of the company should be fully insured to make sure you do not face any problems if there is any personal injury because of accident during tree removal in your property. Check whether the company has both worker liability and compensation insurance or not. If not, it is advisable to move on to the next company in the list.
  • They should be able to produce references. It is always a good idea to work with someone who enjoys customer satisfaction and has enough experience in the field of tree removal.
  • Check for how long the company has been in the business of tree cutting in Sarasota.
  • Do they have qualified arborists in their team? These are professionals having good knowledge about various species of trees. They also have a good understanding about tree care and preservation.
  • Does the company have the latest equipment to carry out tree removal exercise with efficiency?

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When tree removal becomes a necessity?

In Sarasota, you could be held liable for any loss or damage of property of your neighbor because of a free on your property falling because of your negligence. That’s when you may consider emergency tree removal. This happens when the neighbor can prove that the tree died on account of willful neglect on your part. This means you must pay compensation for any damage to property experienced by your neighbor because of a dead tree in your property falling. So, in addition to the risk of damage to your own property, you run the risk of being sued by your neighbor because of a dead tree falling suddenly. These are the reasons why you need to think about tree removal in your property.

Tree removal also becomes necessary when you want to take up home extension. And a tree comes in the area where you want to construct a new feature. Sometimes, one of the trees grows so much that it blocks sunlight form entering the property. It also takes up the nutrients of other trees and shrubs standing in the property. To protect other trees, it often becomes necessary to cut one of the trees.

However, tree removal is not an easy DIY project that can be taken up by a homeowner. You can easily injure yourself or damage your property if you don’t know the basics of tree cutting. What if you cut the branch of the tree and it falls on to the roof? Tree removal and stump grinding can easily result in a serious personal injury. You need an experienced tree removal service Sarasota, Florida to carry out the exercise with safety and efficiency.

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Affordable Tree Service

Tree removal is a potentially risky exercise. It is always a good idea to get it completed by a company that is fully licensed and insured. A professional tree service has a team of employees with skills, training and experience to carry out the job. Tree removal involves working with lethal equipment at great heights.

Affordable Tree Service is the most respected name in the field of tree removal in Sarasota. Contact us today to get the job of tree removal done in most reasonable prices.

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